HMC is registered by the National Council of Technical of Education  (NACTE) with the registration number NACTE/ PWF/036.  Habari Maalum College has two departments with accredited curricular for NTA level 4, 5 and 6 for both Media and Communication and Leadership and Management departments.
Career Services

HMC is a place where students not only get help with career choices but it also helps in developing and enhancing their professional skills. In today’s global world, students need the academic as well as workplace skills necessary to meet the ever- changing requirements of the diversified workforce, therefore, HMC develop the necessary skills in students to be successful in the chosen career as well as during their academic journey.

We develop leaders, who develop people, who develop business.
We don't teach. We develop what's already inside you.
The management of HMC is determined to launch comprehensive program for the future of the institution and is committed to provide a high-quality education and experience to all students, regardless of background, inspiring them to develop to the fullest of their abilities, producing outstanding professional and enterprising people for industry, business and the professions.

Our student experience is at the heart of everything we do. The Institute is making strategic investment that aims to underpin our goal of providing high-quality, research-led education and an excellent student experience.

HMC aims to provide its students with excellent and innovative teaching, learning technologies and facilities. We also aim to expand the opportunities for dialogue, and provide students with the opportunity to influence our ‘direction of travel’ as we work together towards achieving our vision of being an innovative and leading Institute in the region.

The Habari Maalum College extend over 5 areas at the Ekenywa village in Ngaramtoni area. It is a 15km journey from Arusha town, lying 1km east of the main Arusha-Namanga road. The college is a half an hour’s drive from Arusha town by car or by bus. This area is part of Tanzania’s Northern Highlands (1,600m above sea level), lying west of Mount Meru, the second highest mountain in Tanzania after Mount Kilimanjaro. The area is noted for its cold temperature favourable for study activities. Arusha can be reached from other parts of Tanzania, East Africa and the whole world by airways and other transportation means. Arusha is the major tourist town in Tanzania and the capital of EAC.
Computer Facilities

We have well equipped, superb, state-of-the-art largest computer lab accessing the extensive learning resources of the internet which are easy and convenient. It is our policy to encourage students to develop useful computer skills whenever possible.
Lecture Rooms

The Institute has spacious lecture-rooms matching the need of the current students embedded with commodious Examination Hall and Conference Room. Most of these lecture rooms are extra spacious to accommodate 50-60 students
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